Craving A Little John Jay Right Now

Atlanta's Own John Jay

Not only is this artist incredibly handsome and talented, he is my innovative creature of the week.

Rapper John Jay released his first LP Sunday Music and received rave reviews. He is back in studio working on new music and I cannot wait to hear his soul come alive. I am unsure which song I like best. Why don’t you decide. Read and listen below.

More About John Jay Here:

John Jay Bio

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Aaron Davvid Is Bringing Sexy Back

Bronx Born Artist Releases New Hit Song.
 Aaron Davvid (with two Vs) released his latest smash hit last month. Bikini is Aaron’s reintroduction to mainstream pop. He says, “I just want people to let loose and dance. People have a hard time having fun in life. Sometimes you need to let go and have fun in the moment. Forget about everything weighing you down.”
Bikini is the perfect #Zumba song, an innovative club smash hit, and an all time refreshing morning song to start your day with that first cup of joe.
If you agree, check out Bikini here:

A Dream Is Just A Dream

This is the post excerpt.

A Dream Is Just A Dream…

Or NOT!  Dreams are either given to us as part of our purpose/plan, or created through wants and needs, fears and anger, or any other emotion capable of creating. Yes, creating. We create our emotions. We create our state of being. We create our situations through our thoughts. Thoughts become things.

We can either create wonderful and majestic lifestyles, or we can create failure. The choice is ours. Somedays, we may wake from a dream that is very far fetched and not reality. These are not the dreams I am speaking of. I am relating to our life destiny dreams, our purpose, our mission in life. If you can think it, you can become it. If you can dream it, you can achieve it. So a dream is not always “just a dream.” Get it?