Not that we are giving his age away, but Craymo used to imitate his fave artists listening to his 45 records. He played the sax in third grade and wrote his first song by the young age of sixteen. Can we get any more creative than this? By high school Craymo was DJ-ing at a local lounge and on a radio station. We just love young creators.

It was in college when his music took a new tune. A sound of love and vibrance. A sound of an innovative soul who wanted to be free. A sound of compassion and energy reminiscing of an older soul who lives in all of us today. The beats, the tone, the rhythm will transcend your moment into a happy moment every time you hit play!

When you hear Craymo, you will feel happy, upbeat, and realize that reality is real…and that YOU are just fine the way you are. His lyrics fascinate the human inner being- letting us know that we are OK and able. His music heals a broken soul. Craymo transcends the music market in ways that feelings become touchable, attainable, and able to be dealt with – with just one verse.

Some may call him a healer…I call him an Innovative Creature.


Author: Jake Michael Hall

Life Coach. Writer. Sushi Lover.

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