Vinnie Medugno

Vinnie Medugno

Vinnie Medugno is an entertainment mogul who started his career as a DJ. His hard work and enthusiastic personality led him to public appearances and huge stage shows. He is a known Billboard Charted Artist who has been seen on on  !

From his bio, Vinnie is “a renowned local dance music artist with a buzz tied to his name, Vinnie recorded three singles with two that had popularity across the country. His debut single was a hit on the Billboard Underground Dance Music Chart in 2009. Shortly thereafter he put out a Christmas compilation titled “Mr. Christmas,” to celebrate his longstanding engagement in the annual St. George Theatre Christmas Show, where he is featured every December. Recently, he teamed up alongside Staten Island singer Charlie Poveromo, where the two can be seen wowing audiences across the tri-state area performing their dynamic two man show. His latest album titled “Happy Heart,” highlights his eclectic style in oldies music, complimenting his vocal range, and vast knowledge within the genre. It has been successfully received across the country, and he has even performed for Sirius XM satellite radio, live on the Cousin Brucie Show.

In the radio market, he has had great success as a part time producer, shift fill-in, and board operator at the home for New York’s Greatest Hits, WCBSFM 101.1, where he has been heard alongside some of the most legendary jocks in radio. As for reality television, Vinnie served as personal assistant and social media manager for the late VH-1 star Angela “Big Ang” Raiola, where he was heavily involved in the day-to-day operations of her career, and various aspects of production.”

Vinnie has been known as Mr. Staten Island , and King of Staten Island. And when you see him live, you will be enchanted in his kingdom.

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