An Innovative Life By Mecca

A life created for change.

We stumbled across an innovative website via Twitter. @TheMeccanism

She is an astrologer, a mom, an expert chef, and a writer. She is also a podcast host on Stars On Fire. Here is a little bit of her bio:

“After applying the principles of astrology to improve my own life, I opened my astro-coaching practice fueled by a five-year background in social services; my experiences as a mom and partner; and a passion to create positive change. A professionally trained astrologer through the My Path Astrology Mentorship Program, I work to help others to claim and create a life they truly want by teaching them how to better tap into their own natural-born gifts.

This beautiful soul has been  featured in  BustleEssencexoNecolePopSugar, and Refinery 29.  Her new book is due out in October.


Author: Jake Michael Hall

Life Coach. Writer. Sushi Lover.

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